Welcome to our Blog ... and "Happy Christmas"

I used to blog. A lot, actually. Not just like every day, but sometimes multiple times a day, and about a lot of little things. My mind is sort of an odd place, you see, as it doesn't really stay on a single topic for very long.

Unless it's Christmas. That one topic, my mind can ruminate on for months at a time. Once the season of Halloween and such is in the air, *poof* there is Christmas. It's everything I can do to not just hop over the spooky decor and bring out the snowflakes and twinkle lights and skip all the candy gathering altogether. There's still a lot of candy involved with Christmas, right? (I was trying to convince my kids of that this morning - they're not buying it).

Lucky for me, my husband is a good sport. Last year, we waited until after Thanksgiving to put out our decorations. This year, it was if angels descended from on high and started singing the Hallelujah chorus when he sat down on the couch and said to me "Let's get a fake tree this year."

A fake tree? Are you sure? As in, we can put it up NOW?!? I think I may have just signed that marriage certificate in my heart a little more ;)

Our tree is up, folks. Our lights on the porch, the bedroom windows, all up. I even got to snap some cute-tastic shots of Wyn and Brae being beautiful in some snowy white dresses this week too. And we may have even turned on our Christmas Pandora channel. Let's do this Christmas thing ;) Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and as Brae would say "Happy Christmas" -- even if it is a month early.


crystal harrison said...

LOVE and can't wait to follow every single thing the G5 do!

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