Cabin Fever

We have been stuck at home for almost a week. 

It has been 5 days of fevers, coughs, whininess (is that a word??) and crying. Not me - them. (ok, maybe some nights it was me). Finally, today, both of the girls are starting to feel better. We still have a nasty cough, but I think we'll be able to taste freedom... urm.. I mean, go to school on Monday. 

In our boredom today and amidst playing our favorite Christmas movies over and over, I decided to play with the camera and something I'd seen online. Enjoy!

And I may have decided to change up the tree a little. Not massive changes, but I think I like the ribbon better this way. 

I seriously can't wait til Christmas now - and I haven't even started shopping yet. Or re-designed our cards so I can order them... speaking of, I better go do that.


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